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Malkin: Huckabee a ‘border control cross-dresser’

by @ 6:10 am on December 14, 2007. Filed under Political wind, amnesty, immigration

Michael Huckabee's Matricula ID card

After talk-radio host Laura Ingraham interviewed Governor Mike Huckabee yesterday, she had Michelle Malkin on to discuss his semi-tough (and new) talk about illegal immigration:

Malkin also did a great post Wednesday about the GOP immigration drag queens.

4 Responses to “Malkin: Huckabee a ‘border control cross-dresser’”

  1. [...] 2. He’s for open and uncontrollable borders, where we don’t know who is crossing the border (including those from terrorist-sponsoring states like Syria) and is for letting people jump to the head of the line just because they broke the law, instead of having them wait like everyone else who immigrated legally. See here, here, here, here, and here. He’s even compared people who oppose uncontrolled and illegal immigration as members of the KKK, trying to make it into a racial issue and using ad hominem attacks instead of debating rationally. He has recently flip-flopped, contradicting what he did as governor. I don’t trust it. [...]

  2. Sean Roper says:

    I just called Mike Huckabee’s headquarters (501-324-2008) and told the young lady that I was troubled by what I had heard via Laura Ingraham.

    I’m glad I called. The young lady listened to me and I believe Mr. Huckabee will get the message we are sending him.

  3. [...] Tim Sumner of 9/11 Families for a Safe and Secure America has a special card for Mike Shuckabee. Posted in: Sanctuary Cities, Rudy Giuliani, Matricula Consula Send to a Friend Printer Friendly comments (0)   trackbacks (0) [...]

  4. [...] Michelle Malkin: A border control cross-dresser. [...]

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