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Debra Burlingame: ‘Those interrogators, CIA case officers are patriots’

Debra Burlingame was interviewed on WMAL radio this morning about her confronting Barack Obama during a meeting at Ground Zero. She explained her reasons for asking the President to express his opinion to Attorney General about dropping the investigation of CIA officers who conducted the enhanced interrogations of detainees:

Try as they might, the Obama administration [...]

Debra Burlingame on Ground Zero meeting with President Obama and CIA interrogations investigation

Debra Burlingame was one of fifty 9/11 family members who met in a closed-door meeting with President Barack Obama today near Ground Zero. She asked him, considering that by all reports the enhanced interrogations of high-value detainees was “part of the mosaic” of the intelligence that led to Osama bin Laden, if he would at [...]

Mayor Bloomberg and a political ‘fix’ in for the Ground Zero mosque

The New York Post reports that ‘City Hall ghostwrote GZ mosque’s letter.’ There is more but let’s start there:
Dozens of e-mails between Mayor Bloomberg’s aides and developers of the proposed mosque near Ground Zero reveal a cordial, if not downright cozy, relationship and the length to which a top city staffer went to help the [...]

9/11 families and first responders: America didn’t ask for a Ground Zero mosque in NY rebuilding fund

Contact: Media@911familiesforamerica.org
9/11 families and first responders: America didn’t ask for a Ground Zero mosque in NY rebuilding fund
When the American people forked over $20 billion to New York to rebuild, they answered the human carnage wrought by radical Muslim terrorists with compassion for the living and respect for the fallen. They could not [...]

Did North Carolina voters ask liberal Bob Etheridge ‘Who are you?’

Election night results in the four North Carolina ‘toss up’ races
Congressman Bob Etheridge’s grabbing a “reporter” by the arm and striking him in the head this past June likely contributed to his apparent defeat in the midterm election. (Etheridge has stated he will ask for a recount if the vote is within one percent after [...]

Renee Ellmers for Congress; No Mosque at Ground Zero

We concur with North Carolina’s Renee Ellmers that “The terrorists haven’t won. We should tell them in plain English, ‘No; there will never be a mosque at Ground Zero.’” Ellmers spoke with Freedom Radio about the mosque and her campaign to unseat Congressman Bob Etheridge:

Last year, eight Muslim residents of her Congressional district were arrested [...]

‘Orgasmic’ Christ; Where’s the outrage from the Muslim world? (Update: Allah depiction suspected; backlash expected)

The 9 News link came to me via my Google alert for ‘September 11′. As you will see, the museum also contains a gallery on that subject.
In a city-owned museum in Loveland, Colorado, where school children often make field trips, there is a 12-panel lithograph entitled “The Misadventures of the Romantic Cannibals” which the [...]

Where does Ground Zero end?

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The dust clouds from the collapsing South and North Towers rapidly rolled out in all directions. Papers from the World Trade Center landed in Brooklyn and many homes and businesses there also had to be decontaminated. Human remains were found as far away as the East River. The streets were inch-deep with debris the length [...]

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