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Debra Burlingame: ‘Those interrogators, CIA case officers are patriots’

Debra Burlingame was interviewed on WMAL radio this morning about her confronting Barack Obama during a meeting at Ground Zero. She explained her reasons for asking the President to express his opinion to Attorney General about dropping the investigation of CIA officers who conducted the enhanced interrogations of detainees:

Try as they might, the Obama administration [...]

Debra Burlingame on Ground Zero meeting with President Obama and CIA interrogations investigation

Debra Burlingame was one of fifty 9/11 family members who met in a closed-door meeting with President Barack Obama today near Ground Zero. She asked him, considering that by all reports the enhanced interrogations of high-value detainees was “part of the mosaic” of the intelligence that led to Osama bin Laden, if he would at [...]

James Cole DAG nominee ‘aggressive demilitarizing of the war’: Debra Burlingame

by @ Wednesday, June 16th, 2010. Filed under 9/11, Barack Obama, DOJ, Debra Burlingame, Gitmo, James Cole, al Qaeda, detainees

Debra Burlingame spoke with talk radio host Steve Malzberg yesterday after the Senate Judiciary Committee nomination hearing of James Cole to become the Deputy Attorney General of the United States:
“[James Cole's] client was Naif Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Foreign Minister who ran the Al Haramain charity, this huge Saudi “charity” was shut down [...]

AG Eric Holder defends the wrong ‘kids’

by @ Sunday, April 18th, 2010. Filed under 9/11, Andy McCarthy, Debra Burlingame, Eric Holder, Gitmo, Guantanamo, al Qaeda, detainees

Eric Holder alleges that American lawyers are “patriots” if they defend terrorists, to include those who murdered the eight children pictured above — the eight kids that al Qaeda murdered on 9/11. He asserts those lawyers should not have “their reputations dragged through the mud.”
Andy McCarthy took issue Friday with Wednesday’s testimony by Eric Holder [...]

We need a ‘Rule of War Act’ (Graham negotiating 9/11 trial, Obama steps in, paging C-SPAN)

by @ Friday, February 12th, 2010. Filed under 9/11, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Military Commissions, detainees, enemy combatants

Colleagues of Senator Lindsay Graham have leaked that he and the White House are negotiating over where and how to conduct the 9/11 trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his four co-conspirators. In additional, President Barack Obama will apparently take a personal role in the negotiations and may overrule Attorney General Eric Holder’s decisions to [...]

New York Daily News: Keep 9/11 trial ‘the hell out’ of New York City (we say ‘not in America’)

The New York Daily News nearly matched their title ‘Keep the hell out: Obama must stop waffling and move 9/11 terror trial’ with the content of their editorial:
One of the most astonishing aspects of Obama’s struggle to find a location for perhaps the most important trial in American history is that the Justice Department got [...]

Moving danger? So what if Obama is reconsidering moving 9/11 trials

“In what communities in the United States of America are children required to walk by military conveys and snipers on a daily basis on their way to school?” — unidentified lower Manhattan resident, addressing New York City’s Community Board 1 meeting, January 27, 2010, just before the Board voted 42 to 0 to ask [...]

Obama adminstration ’suspends’ Gitmo transfers to Yemen, might go to Thomson

by @ Tuesday, January 5th, 2010. Filed under Barack Obama, Binyam Mohamed, Flight 253, Gitmo, Guantanamo, Thomson, Yemen, al Qaeda, detainees

At least 74 former Guantanamo detainees have returned to the battlefield. A dozen of those released to Saudi Arabia and Yemen are members of al Qaeda on the Arab Peninsula (AQAP) and two of them are key leaders believed to have been involved in Umar Farook Abdulmuttalab’s attempt to blow Northwest Airlines Flight 253 from [...]

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